Computer mouse seharga US $ 24,180.00 ini dibuat oleh "The Swiss company Pat Says Now", terbuat dari emas putih 18 karat dan bertahtahkan 59 berlian. Tersedia dalam 2 pilihan design: "Diamond Flower" dan "Scattered Diamond".

Sumber lain :

We fly high at Engadget -- our chains hang low and our gadgets shine bright. When Sony told us they were dropping a gold PSP, we thought we finally had a gaming device gaudy enough to roll with our PharrellBerrys and Vertus, only to be disappointed by an unimpressive paint job.
Well at least someone is coming through for us and releasing peripherals baller enough to be added to our growing collection of luxury devices. Swiss manufacturer Pat Says Now's "world's most expensive mouse" comes in three choices of 18-karat white, yellow or red gold, with 59 diamonds in either a flower or scattered design.
For what it is, you would think it would offer a resolution higher than 800 dpi, but for the privilege of having another "world's ___" we suppose that's a small price to pay in paying such a large price.


  1. brow- said...

    what the h**  

  2. wong ndeso said...

    waduh masa harganya 250jt.
    emang belinya dimana.
    mending dikasih ke saya saja :D  

  3. infoGue said...

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