Save Time, Work Smart

You’ve had everything planned-meeting, phone call, reports. Yet, at the end of the day, your in-try still spills over and your to-do list is a mile long. Help !.

Article by Jackqueline Tanherworld magazine October 2000

Effective planning
Set priorities and goals. “ avoid hopping from one task to another. Plan to have a plan, “ says Sandra Tan, assistant human resource manager at an arts institution. “be realistic. You can only do so much in day.”.

Cut down distractions

You’ve just chatted away the morning with your colleagues. “people can be a great distraction. Learn to excuse yourself firmly but politely, or avoid eye contact,” Sandra advises. Don’t be a slave to e-mail. “I simply delete all junk mail without opening them!” says Sandra. Stick with specific times to retrieve and respond to messages.


Unless you’re wonder women/ Superman, you can’t handle everything. Says Sandra, “Give your colleagues a sense of ownership, but be clear about responsibilities – that way no time is wasted wondering who does what”.

Get a good filling system

Purge files every few month to avoid a pile-up. Keep different tiers or departments to help you fish things out fast.

Manage your meetings

Always have an agenda. Don’t side-track from core issues. “Come well-prepared. If possible, don’t let the time run over. Arrange to meet another day instead.”.


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