The Famous Tincan Antenna

One of the famous homebrew 2.4GHz antennas is the tin can antenna. It is very easy to build and high success rate. In this particular example, the antenna is build by M. Ihsan

Typical dimension of the tin can antenna is shown in the figure. Typical dimension of the can is about 9 cm diameter and 21 cm length. A small omnidirectional antenna about 2.6 cm length sticks into the can about 4.5 cm from the bottom of the can.

The radiator in a tin can antenna is a 2.6 cm length omnidirectional radiator. It can be build by soldering a 2.6 cm metal stick into an N-type male connector. Some people put screw sticking on the stick to tune the length of omnidirectional radiator to get the maxim match of the antenna.

In some cases, we need to calculate the possibility to use a certain diameter tincan for 2.4GHz antenna. The calculation is provided at Shown in the figure is the calculated result for a 3.25 inches diameter. Make sure the tincan can be operated in frequency 2.4-2.47 GHz.


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